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Welcome to inetUSA!

This is the home of the One-Click™ Website and thanks for giving us an opportunity to provide for your website needs!

There is a really simple process to help us get started working for you TODAY! Using the easy online form below, we gather just enough info to help us to put our best foot forward on your behalf ... and best of all, it won't cost you a penny.

Your responses will be used by our creative team to become familiar with your requirements and start the process of creating an initial website design and structure specifically for your unique needs. After you send us the data, we'll contact you quickly with any further questions we may have and discuss the options we can offer you to meet your objectives. We be using your information as the basis to create exactly what you are seeking.

If you just want a generic, free trial of our websites that you can play around with on our nickel, we'll happily set that up quickly and you can have at it and build one yourself! However, if you don't want to become a webmaster and you are ready to have a solid, high performance business website that effectively reflects your business and your objectives and starts working for you on auto-pilot immediately - and - you already have some idea about a budget in mind and/or a look and feel you'd like to accomplish, we'll work to meet your exact specifications ... VERY inexpensively and VERY quickly.

Here's a few very important things to keep in mind about inetUSA and our websites:
  • If you ever need to make simple changes (wording, inserting / changing an image, adding a BLOG entry or any other basic edit) to your One Click Website, you can do it yourself quickly. Absolutely no experience or computer skills are required ... NO KIDDING! One of inetUSA's design objectives has always been that if you can find the keys on your keyboard, you can edit a One Click Website. We'll even teach how to use our awesome editing toolset.
  • However, if what you really want is first class website that looks great, delivers your message, enhances your business and is managed and maintained inexpensively and promptly by a dedicated team of professionals while you focus on growing your business, we can also do it ALL for you and within whatever budget you have to work with - no surprises!
  • We've been in the digital information business since 1986 and working on the Internet since 1997, so we're not a flash-in-the pan, fly-by-night business. We'll ALWAYS be here when you need us. Furthermore, we aren't a company filled with "know-nothing" newbies. Our average employee has been with us over ten years and they not only love what they do - they do it better than anyone else.
  • We have turned on over 30,000 websites since we started, so we know exactly what it takes to make a website work perfectly and keep our customers happy.
  • We truly want to EARN your business!
We are taking the risk of investing our time (and money) because we know if we build you a website based on your needs and it's even close to what you're actually looking for, you'll give us the opportunity to continue building our relationship.

Once you're comfortable with your website's design and structure, our experienced tech support team will either show you how to use our powerful, yet simple, toolset to manage your website on your own or map out a plan to have us continue to inexpensively maintain it for you as well as helping you with your online marketing. Many of our customers elect to have us do all their online work for them, which allows them to focus every bit of their expertise, training, skills and energy on what they do best - running their business - without having to add learning how to be a "web wizard" to their skills. Of course, this isn't a choice you need to make now, we just want you to know you have options.

Just to recap how the process works ... after you complete the answers below, one of our skilled online business consultants will contact you to further discuss your needs and requirements. Based on that call and your instructions, we'll quickly (usually within 24 hours) build your new website for you. If you are "just looking around" and only want a free trial, we'll get that done immediately and you'll be off and running. However, if our initial call has allowed us to move ahead to the action steps and get started working on your specifics, we'll immediately start working to build your new website to your specifications. As soon as it's completed and ready for your approval, we'll be back in touch and start teaching you how to use it and/or discussing your business-building options.

Important Note: Don't worry if you don't know all the answers - only some are required (the ones marked with a red asterisk * ) because anything on your site can be changed later with a just few clicks. So ... just fill in the ones you do know.

Thanks again for giving us this opportunity to work with you and your interest in inetUSA and a One-Click Website. We look forward to working hard to earn your trust and your business.


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